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Debra says: I have been a lifelong follower of Christ and have had a contemplative nature since I was a child. I enjoy academic work and the life of the mind. The work began in 1992 on the campus of the School of Theology at the University of the South. We lived there for three years while my husband was pursuing his MDiv . I started the seminary's first prayer group for seminary spouses, and began receiving requests to offer Spiritual Direction. I wanted to be properly equipped so I enrolled in The Stillpoint School for Spiritual Direction in Nashville, TN. I received my certificate after completing a three year course of study that included academic instruction and practical experience in the company of well trained and experienced directors. I simultaneously attended classes at the seminary in spirituality, bible and theology. We moved to Maryland in 1995 when my husband was called to a parish in the Diocese of Maryland and ordained as a priest. 

I attended the General Theological Seminary in NYC, completed the "Spiritual Classics-Spiritual Direction" Program under Margaret Guenther and began a private practice in Spiritual Direction in Maryland. The Suffragan Bishop of Maryland called me to serve as the Chaplain to the Diocese of Maryland's Commission on Ministry. I held this role for over ten years and companioned many people as they went through the discernment process. I wrote the curriculum we used to guide the process of study, parish and institutional internships, retreats and discernment weekends. I attended the Commission's meetings in the role of Chaplain, listening for the work of the Spirit in the words of aspirants and committee members.

In 2012 The Center for Spiritual Development incorporated as a non-profit and received several grants. This enabled us to build a 32' diameter labyrinth at our Monkton location and to design and offer programs, events and supplies for the journey over the ensuing years. We hope to provide those who come to us with food for thought and bread for the journey. We're happy to answer questions and to engage with thoughtful, faithful parishes, people and organizations who want to go deeper... 

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