A spiritual journey worth taking requires a first step, some direction, guided experience and material that supports you...

We can help

  • Every journey needs "A Beginning." Start there to learn about our journey and tell us something about yours.
  • Visit the "Some Direction" page to learn how an experienced companion with specialized training can help you not get lost in the woods. We've been offering spiritual direction for over 20 years. We can meet with you onsite or online. 
  • See the "Wilderness Skills" page for workshops and classes. Many people have compared the spiritual life to a wilderness journey. We think that's a pretty good metaphor.
  • The "Supplies" page offers art, journals, workbooks and more to encourage you on your spiritual journey.We find power in images. We write and can paint a picture with words. So can you. Come discover how!
  • "Field Notes" is our blog on which we share new ideas and daily discoveries. We are life long learners.