Contemplative Writing

From Silence to Voice


What is needed, in the end, is simply this: solitude, great inner solitude. Going into yourself and meeting no one for hours on end---Rainer Maria Rilke



People of the Book know the power of words, the creative energy of naming what is previously unknown or unrecognized.  From the beginning of scripture we witness the power of words to bring all manner of things into being including the entire cosmos!  We have been invited to participate in God’s creative endeavor to illuminate beauty and inspire healing with our own words.


Beginning in silence, or sometimes chaos, we can share the generative energy of God as we breathe in Presence and breathe out a new vision.  Our practice focuses upon contemplation in stillness, silence, and movement before we even begin to imagine picking up pen and paper.


Each session begins in contemplative silence, moves to guided meditation, and includes a practice of contemplative movement.  The writing exercise is preceded by a prompt but participants are always encouraged to go with their own heart prompts when possible.


Session One-Two Great Lights-Energy and Reflection

A guided meditation on creation-

Contemplative walking –

Prompt-These celestial lights, sun and moon and stars, all point to a way of being within the creation.


Empty and attentive.*


Session Two-The Wildness of Creation

Guided meditation on the power of creativity

Contemplative movement in place-

Prompt- There is wildness in God’s voice that shoots through all that is coming into being.

Be Wild!*


Session Three-The Book of Nature

Guided meditation on the earth

Practice of Terre Divina-Divine Earth

Prompt-Already I was in love with the wide-open spaces.  God set before me the book of nature; -St. Therese--  Where is your love?



Session Four-Beautiful As You Are

Guided Meditation on the beloved-ness and beauty of each one here gathered.

Contemplative practice-breath prayer

Prompt-As God has created you-you are beautiful.

And you are especially lovely when you let yourself be

Can you let yourself be?*


Session Five-Listening to your inner song.

Guided meditation on listening

Contemplative Practice-Walk and listen

Prompt: the song the creation sings is the very one that is now pulsing through our veins and longing to be expressed in our beings.*


Session Six*-Practicing Perseverance and Patience

Guided Meditation on Perseverance

Contemplative Practice-Turning around

Prompt-Water, continually dripping,

Will wear a hard rock hollow. -Plutarch

How will you practice perseverance?






* From Pilgrimage Into the Poetry of Creation, Donnelly-Barton