On Toward Advent




Where has Advent gone?  The season seems to quietly spin out its soft stories about the coming of Christ while the world trumpets with sounds, lights, and all manner of cheer that the season of Christmas is already here.


I am not interested in joining the lamentations of so many about the diminishment of Christmas, I am, however, longing to wait and ponder; to listen to the stories and anticipate the Word entering once again the suffering world.


Rowan Williams writes about the difference between “the God that we expect and the God that comes.”  God will be God, and come as a baby or as a prophet, softly or with a loud sound.  And however God comes to us, we will be surprised.


And I believe that surprise is a good thing.  It can stop us in our tracks.  And while Advent has been traditionally observed as a ‘waiting’ season, I wonder if it might be more accurate to encounter the absolute disorientation of God longing to come into human form out of love for all of us.


So—it is not Advent yet.  But the time is coming when we shall be gob-smacked if we are paying attention.  And that moment will open something in us that can indeed ‘make a Way for the Lord.’


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